What Is A Tan? A tan occurs when sun exposure causes the skin to produce a brown pigment known as melanin in the epidermis. This is the body’s way of protecting itself from damage caused by UVA rays which age...

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Christmas is the holiday that most people, around the world, wait for every year. In fact, each country celebrates this merry holiday in a different way; some start the celebrations months ahead, and others might not even celebrate it....
Carmencitta-The Tea Culture

The Tea Culture

Dangerous Water Zones

China’s teahouse



Winter Skin Advice

Advice by Carmen. Pamper Your Winter Skin How to Look After Your Winter Skin I love winter, snowflakes and snow… It’s all fresh, shiny and clear…. But some areas have cracks in them. It’s the same with your winter skin. The reason your...
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My Obsession is Flourishing

Carmencitta-How to Get Full Lips

How to Get Full Lips

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It all needs some words that we already have memorized, a tune, a rhyme, and jingles in order to feel that Christmas has arrived. In fact, we are always singing with our favorite Christmas songs without taking into consideration...


Being born on Christmas is actually a really hard thing when it comes to the presents, LOL. A Christmas baby will never get the chance to know what it feels like having a birthday where all the attention gets...

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In this section, we always talk about ways that will help you look good with makeup, and we forget talking about the ways that make us feel good without makeup being smudged on our faces and covering it. In...


The Most Expensive Bracelets

It is a given; most of the ladies out there, like to wear bling and everything that has to do with jewelry. In fact, the word jewelry has many derivations: rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and many more. Moreover, women...



We all know that during Christmas Eve and Christmas day, most of the bars and restaurants will be closed. However, there are some of them that stay open in NYC in order to welcome their customers on those two...