Carmencitta Ehdeniyat 1In a moonlight silver dress, Jeane Manson appeared on Ehdeniyat International Festival stage, sneaking from our memories, distracting us from the ugliness of our days. At sixty years old, she is still a beautiful lady. Addressing her audience in a French American accent that featured some English expressions. Manson didn’t forget to thank Mrs. Rima Frangieh and Ehdeniyat festival for their warm welcome starting her thank you speech with an Arabic “Habibi”.
Manson’s speech was followed by a performance of her most beautiful songs in a voice that is still young and warm despite the years. Her songs laid an atmosphere of gentle melancholy and nostalgia when she sang “Vis ta vie” and “Fais-moi danser”. She didn’t forget to pay tribute to Joe Dassin, performing his song “L’été indien” spreading among the audience a longing mood.
Carmencitta Ehdeniyat 2“Avant de nous dire adieu”, Manson continued her speech: “Ehden is one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Ehden could be paradise, who knows?” This said, Manson took another turn for her concert where she sang a prayer asking God to save the Lebanese from their agony, accompanied by the bells of the Churches in Ehden.
Carmencitta Ehdeniyat 5Manson left the stage allowing the musicians to change and an Italian singer who sings in French to appear, Claude Barzotti.
Starting his part of the concert emphasizing that the love of music brings us together, Barzotti immediately connected with his audience when he sang “Je pense à vous, madame”, his twenty years old hit song. He then performed “Aime-moi”, a duo with the Belgian blond Morgan, a duo that transferred nothing to the audience but Barzotti’s passion. After the duo, he performed a set of solo songs in which he conferred his love for freedom with “Je vole”, and  his fear of leaving reflected in “Quand les enfants s’en vont”, a song scheduled to be released soon in his new album “Le temps qui passe”.
Carmencitta Ehdeniyat 7Barzotti also shared a duo with Manson in a song that will be released next year in the occasion of Manson fourtiest singing anniversary. He also connected with his audience as he sang “Prends bien soin d’elle” and “Je ne t’écrirai plus”. As he was bidding his audience farewell, Barzotti performed “Elle me tue, mais je l’aime” in a warm Italian voice, and “Je t’apprendrai l’amour” in a duo with Virginie. He “ended” his concert with his song “Papa” before playing on his guitar and singing “Poète”. However, the concert was not over yet. Barzotti performed a Medley of the best songs bringing back to the ears of his audience the magic of the past.
Carmencitta Ehdeniyat 4This said, Ehdeniyat International Festival, held in Ehden the fortress of Arabism, showed the world that it was able to salute the Francophone face of Lebanon, a country that has almost lost its identity.
August 7, 2015, an evening forever engraved in our memories.