Despite everything Lebanon is facing, arts and joy are giving Lebanese a glimpse of hope in a hopeless situation.
Each year, Ehdeniyat awaits a promising audience in Ehden, just like the farmer awaits the harvest. And each year, Ehdeniyat and its audience await Kadim Al Sahir.
For two consecutive nights, Al Sahir spread his voice on the map of love, mixing between his new and old songs, between Nizar Qabbani’s poetry and beautiful classical Arabic verses. Wearing black, he publicly admitted his loving feelings for his loved one, singing “Habibati” and “Ashhadou”. He also presented his best hits and latest releases. 
He echoed his Iraqi roots through performing some popular Iraqi songs, namely “Jambi Yetmacha, ya Baba” and “from Baghdad to Beirut”, songs that reminds us that we, Arabs, should be unified, just like we are unified by a common pain.
Kazim Al Sahir a mixture of everything, love, faith, belief and dreams, had transformed his performance of Ehdeniyat International Festival to a charming happy place.
He saluted Lebanon as he sang his patriotic songs like “Ya Rayhin Lubnan”.
The audience then switched from being just an audience to being Al Sahir accompanying choir as he sang “Zidini Eechkan” and “Kouli Ouhebouka”.
For two consecutive nights, Kazim Al Sahir, along with thirty musicians, showered his audience with his golden voice.