De Beers Talisman collection made rough diamonds shine.

In 2010, De Beers revealed using rough diamonds with its Talisman Collection. The company is launching a new collection. It is celebrating its anniversary with the new De Beers Talisman collection.

De Beers Talisman Collection Timeless Pieces

To say the least, the De Beers Talisman collection is stunning. It features unique designs. Diamond is a classic timeless stone. It was used in jewelry for years. De Beers innovated this idea. It started using diamonds in their purest forms in their designs.
In fact, the De Beers Talisman collection features rough diamonds. The collection reflects nothing but the exceptional jewelry craftsmanship of this brand.
The new De Beers Talisman collection includes unique rough diamonds. None of these diamonds were touched by the human hand. The diamonds differ in size, cut and design. The new designs are feminine and timeless pieces.

Inspired by the Legend

Centuries ago, rough diamonds were exclusive to royalties. They believed that these stones protected them. They also thought that diamonds brought them good luck. Diamonds guaranteed their prosperity. The legend survived the centuries to tell us this.
Inspired by the legend, De Beers decided to pass this privilege to people who aren’t royalty. The De Beers Talisman collection is an iconic contemporary classic for the modern woman. Each piece of the collection refers to the role of diamond stones as magical amulets.
Each De Beers Talisman collection jewel is unique. They all enjoy sophisticated and raw elegance. They all chant homage to nature. However, they differ in diamonds colors. Some pieces are brown. Others are grey, yellow and green. Even more, some pieces mix rough and polished diamonds.
The De Beers Talisman collection is in short the expression of diamond art. It is sophisticated, romantic and feminine. It includes slender bands and bangles. It also features pendants and earrings.