Devils peak is a part of a mountain at Cape Town in South Africa. It’s characterized by the easiness of hiking to it, since there are a lot of easy walks on the lower slope of the mountain. The peak is always exposed to wind and mist, which forces hikers to take care. It can be very dangerous because the sides are very wet and steep.


How Devils Peak Really Got Its Name

According to the majority of Cape Town residents, the name was gotten from the popular legend of the Dutch pirate Van Hunks and his smoking duel with the Devil.


Devils Peak was actually called at first Windberg by the early Dutch settlers and also many other names such as Duiwepiek, Duiwekop or Duiwenberg.

To anybody who has experienced Cape Town’s Southeaster, the name Windberg explains itself. The mountain was the home of thousands of doves –as Laurence Green says.Carmencitta-devil-peak1

The British journalist, Ian Colvin, claimed that the legend of Van Hunks was based on an old slave tale heard while “gossiping with one of the old Hajis or Moulvis who know so much that we do not understand”, but it’s more likely that he appropriated the story from a poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, published a few months earlier in the English Review. It might not be true, but you know legends and tales are quite confusing. You can and can’t believe them.

People’s Point of View

Many people consider Devils Peak as a good point to climb with friends and enjoy the nature while exploring it. But of course, there are some levels of difficulty while walking down the slopes of this mountain.


There are so many places in the world where you can hike and climb with your company to explore the environment and have fun. Some places that you never thought they even existed can be the ones where you have fun the most!