Carmencitta-The Best Destinations for November Sun

November is the perfect month for you to go searching for winter sun. In fact, in November, children have no school, no holidays, no nothing, which makes it ideal for beaches and hotels to be calm, and appropriate for a perfect vacation. Moreover, there are some countries where the sun is shining, the weather is warm, and the hotels are ready to welcome you. Are you one of the people who hate winter and its cold weather? Keep on reading this article as we guide you through the best destinations for November sun.


Malta, is most of the times, thought to be as one of the Mediterranean’s less imaginative destinations. However, you will be taken away with Malta’s capacity to surprise you. In fact, there are many comfortable hotels in St Julian’s and Sliema. However, there is history galore in Valletta, whose huge walls have let it retain a sense of medieval grandeur, so we think you should have a stay over there.


Tenerife is known as the Canary Islands. In fact, those Canary Islands are Europe’s most reliable options for winter sun. Moreover, the weather over there rarely goes below 20 degrees Celsius. Tenerife, the largest member of the archipelago, is very popular for the beach hotels of the Costa Adeje and Playa de las Americas. But it also deals in volcanic majesty and wonderful hiking trails on its vast central peak, Mount Teide – as well as superb restaurants in its capital, Santa Cruz.

Los Angeles

LA is America’s second biggest city. In fact, Los Angeles is an act that never needs refining when it comes to weather conditions. Moreover, Los Angeles is a metropolis of attractions.


Most people do not know that they do not need a beach in order to enjoy the winter sun, and Marrakesh is proof of that. Moreover, this fabled citadel on the edge of Saharan sand is a mix of swirling souks, relaxed riads and epic Islamic architecture, all wrapped up in north African mythology. That it rarely drops below 20C between October and March is almost incidental.