They say that: “not moving will kill you” how about those long hours, sitting on your desk, in a lonely office, in front of a computer? You need to start today, by trying to introduce those exercises to your daily work day routine. In fact, those exercises will be able to make your body get rid of all the stress, and move in order to let the blood flow in a good manner.

Office chair squat


In fact, this simple workout is considered to be one of the most effective due to its ability to strengthen the body and make you feel better after it is done. In fact, it is quite simple, and all you need to do is start by standing as tall as possible with your shoulders relaxed. Moreover, in order to center your feet, you will need to lift your toes up to the top of your shoes, which will ensure that you will do the squat in a perfect manner. Make sure that your back is always straight and your bum is situated within one inch from the seat of your chair.

Desk press


This one is simply the easiest and the most fun to do. Moreover, it is able to strengthen the upper as well as the lower part of your body. All you need to do is position your body in a straight line while you use your core muscles, and your elbows held at a 90 degrees angle.



In fact, the victory posture can be done over the course of a day while you are sitting at your desk. Moreover, this move will help you to straighten up and activate both your deep inner core and important postural musculature. Start by making your back straight while you are sitting on your chair. After that, exhale, lengthen your spine and make your body as tall as possible.