Winter is almost here, and this is the time of the year when low and flat shoes no longer cut it, and this is when snow-stomping, ankle-shielding, manly leather boots step in. In fact, men boots exist in many forms and styles such as: Chelsea, chukka, dress boots, etc… there are plenty of options out there to keep you warm and moving this fall and winter season. Keep on reading if you are interested in knowing how to wear men boots.

The Chelsea Boot, or the Dealer Boots

These boots have the following characteristics: ankle-high, a tight fit, no laces, and an elastic panel known as goring, which allows the shoe to stretch when taking it on or off. In fact, those boots can be worn perfectly with a suit to your business meetings or occasions. However, there are some rules to be followed if you want to wear them with your suit; the cut should complement the shoes, the shirt, blazer, tie, and even your briefcase, should have a trim proportion to how slim the boots are.

The Chukka Boot (aka Turf Boots or Bucks)


Just like the Chelsea ones, the chukka is as well known for having a height that reaches the ankle. However, this is the only similarity. In fact, this one comes with two to three eyelets of lacing and is often outfitted in suede. In order to wear them, you will only need a solid Oxford shirt and a straight-leg jeans with a single cuff that gently covers the boot without breaking.carmencitta-how-to-wear-men-boots-3

The Cowboy Boot (aka Western Boots)


These ones are exactly like you see them on television while watching country themed movies. AA tall shaft that hits at least the spot that is above the knee, of course no laces, and a heel that hits a maximum of two inches.