There are two types of people, the ones who wait impatiently for the holidays so that they can live the spirit, enjoy their days off with their families, and give gifts to the ones they love. However, there is another type of people who feel depressed whenever the holidays are near. They tend to get upset, and feel the blues. This is why, we have written this article for you today in order to tell you how and where to escape from the holidays blues.

Get control of the Slopes at Out-of-the-Way Ski Resorts


Try to schedule your ski trip one week earlier so that you can avoid boasted lift lines. In fact, the ski resorts that are located far from big cities or important airports ten to be calm and slow during the pre-Christmas weeks. As a result, you will be sharing the lift with some locals who went there in order to get rid of the holidays stress by skiing.

Get Front-Row Seats to Nature’s Fireworks


The aurora borealis will be clear to the eye in Iceland from late autumn to early spring. In fact, if you book your trip for December, you will be able to get cut-rate admission to this spectacular natural light show. In addition, over there, the rates of the hotels during winter holidays are usually 40 to 50 percent less than what they are during the high season in July. Furthermore, not only hotels will be cheap, but the flights will be like that as well, for about 650$ for a round trip.

Find a Tropical Beach That Feels a Million Miles Away, but Isn’t


Stay away from the southern Caribbean because it is always over crowded with people who are desperate for a sun bathing session. Instead of paying a lot of money, find an interior pool, book it, and go there. In case you were not able to find such a thing, you can book a suit in a far hotel that has a Jacuzzi as well as a spa.