A wreath is an arrangement of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs or any other materials that are combined all together, in a nice way in a circular form in order to be used as an ornament or to announce an upcoming holiday or event. In fact, people started using wreathes in Christmas a long time ago, and this thing has spread all around the world. Moreover, we find today people spending fortunes on the Christmas decorations while they can create them at home. Follow these steps so we can teach you how to create a Christmas Wreath.

Gather the Materials


Take a walk, on a nice afternoon, and try to find some tree branches. Those branches, cut them to little pieces and gather them in a bag together. After that, try to find as many pine cones as you can, and gather them too. Once you are done, go to a craft store, and buy a thick wire that is in a circular form. If they do not have it, ask them to do the form that you want. In addition, buy a hot glue gun and some artificial wooden flowers. Moreover, you will need an iced silver or white spray.

Start the work


First, you will need to layer the branches, cones, and wooden flowers on a newspaper outside the house. After that, grab the spray and spray them. Make sure that you do not miss any spot. After that, once they are dry, prepare the hot glue gun as well as the circle thick wire.

Create it your way


In fact, in order to have a nice one, try to put a newspaper sheet on the table that you will be going to work at. On the wire, attach the pieces, in a nice way by using the hot glue. After you are done you will have a Christmas wreath that you can hang on the door.