NEW YORK - DECEMBER 22: Patrons enjoy the traditional Christmas "wunderland" decor in Rolf's German restaurant December 22, 2004 in New York City. The 19th-century German tavern decorates for the Christmas season with artificial fir trees and pine garlands, Victorian dolls and thousands of Christmas lights. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Christmas holidays are when most of the people have days off so that they can go out with their families and friend in order to enjoy their time. In fact, restaurants become the busiest places at that time because people can enjoy their time and eat at the same time. Keep on reading if you would like to know the best holiday themed restaurants in NY.

Rolf’s German Restaurant


If you want to get the chance feel like you are walking as well as dining in a virtual forest of Christmas décor; Rolf’s German Restaurant is the place to go. In fact, opinions have differs; some people like to enjoy the decoration and ambience, while others go there for the food. Moreover, if you are thinking about going there as a group, make sure that you are no more than 5 people because that is the maximum number allowed.

Milon Bangladesh Indian Restaurant


As the matter of fact, most people get out of the thanksgiving as well as Christmas fares craving something with a bit more bite. This is when you need to try Milon. Moreover, the decoration will leave you speechless because the red chili pepper lights, when they mingle with colored baubles and sparkle lights, they create a feeling of happiness as well as a festive atmosphere. Furthermore, on the menu, you will find tasty delights from the Indian subcontinent from Masalas to Biryanis and more.

Pete’s Tavern


The main concern at Pete’s Tavern, is to put and hang enough festive lighting in order to create a great holiday ambiance that customers will enjoy and feel like they are living Christmas to the maximum. Moreover, Pete’s Tavern has been around since 1864 and from back then, serving Italian fare as well as burgers. In fact, this place has a great service, and a large variety of drinks which includes 50 different kinds of beer alone.  The vintage bar and pressed tin ceiling are from another era. Many celebrities have visited this landmark bar of NY – you can see pictures that are family friendly to boot.