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Having a good spiritual health is having all the positive attributes a spiritually healthy person has, such as: the ability to love and forgiver, compassion, joy, altruism, and fulfillment. In fact, having those attributes will help you enjoy your spiritual health. In addition, there are other things that define your spirituality such as: your religious faith, values, beliefs, principles, and morals. Having a good spiritual health depends on the effort that you make on your own. Here are the steps that allow you to have a good spiritual health.

Have a good relationship with yourself


The only person who knows you the most in this world, is yourself. This is why, you need to develop a good relationship with yourself before you try to establish a good one with other people. In fact, there are many ways to do so; you can write a diary where you talk to yourself in it, write poetry, short stories, and talk to yourself in front of the mirror in a positive and cheering way.

carmencitta-looking-for-a-good-spiritual-health-2Read a lot


When a person reads, it helps him or she to gather their sanity back because of the relaxing effect reading has on a person. Moreover, try to read new stuff every day, not only you will calm down, but you will get more intelligent when the days pass by.



 Meditating is one of the most important rituals if you want a good spiritual health. In fact, meditating in the morning can help you start your day relaxed and calm, and meditating at night will help you get rid of all the negativity that gathers throughout the day.

Deep breathing sessions


Set a certain period of time each day where you turn off everything that make noise, close your eyes, take deep breath, and allow yourself to come in contact with your inner thoughts and feelings.