It all needs some words that we already have memorized, a tune, a rhyme, and jingles in order to feel that Christmas has arrived. In fact, we are always singing with our favorite Christmas songs without taking into consideration who is the person behind each one of them. Keep on reading if you are interested in knowing who the people behind your favorite Christmas songs are.

“Little Drummer Boy”


This song was written by Katherine K. Davis. It is famous for the stern drumbeat that is juxtaposed with the serene flute solo. In fact, the song words and rhythm were based on a common Czech carol that had been passed down for years. Moreover, it was originally made for choirs, which is no surprise with its strong rhythmic pacing and lyrical harmonies. Furthermore, the song became popular when it was sang by the Von Trapp singers who recorded it in 1955. Composer Jack Halloran later recorded it on the album Christmas Is A-Comin’.

“The Christmas Song”


This song goes back years ago when songwriters Bob Wells and Mel Torme created the quintessential holiday tune in 1944. In fact, at that time, it was the hottest season of the year. Moreover, the thing that helped the two songwriters stay cool were the thoughts of “Jack Frost nipping” and “Yuletide carols,” and within an hour, they had a full-on Christmas song and future hit on their hands. Moreover, the one who recorded it was the musical legend Nat King Cole beginning with a recorded version in 1946, which has been cemented as one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time.

“Silver Bells”


When the holiday film The Lemon-Drop Kid was being created in 1950, writers Jay Livingston and Ray Evans were assigned to write a catchy tune for a certain scene in the movie. In fact, when they were given the chance, the two hesitated because there was a really small chance that this song will become popular due to hundreds of tunes that already existed in the market.